Garage Door Upgrades with the Best ROI

Want the most bang for your buck when renovating your home? Look to your garage door. 🚗

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value report, a garage door replacement offers the highest relative payoff. But what do you need to maximize your ROI?

🪵 Consider the materials. Multilayer garage doors hold up better and offer more durability and insulation. On the high end, semi-custom doors with a wood finish add extra curb appeal.

📱 Upgrade your opener. Today’s smart garage door openers offer features like security camera integration and can even be set to open using geofencing or a voice command to your phone.

🪟 Add windows. Though they’ll add cost to the door, even a few small panes can help bring your garage exterior into harmony with the rest of your home.

💵 Budget for installation. Incorrect garage door setup can lead to dangerous malfunctions, so it’s safer to skip the DIY for this project and turn to professionals.

Before you replace your garage door, reach out for a free consultation. We can help advise you on the best choice to add value to your home.

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